About Jeff and Brad…

Brad and Jeff grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Encouraged by their parents to stay active and get outside, they fortunately had the opportunity and freedom to explore and try out pretty much anything they wanted.

Skiing Sierra and Kirkwood, hiking in Desolation Wilderness, playing basketball, riding motorcycles and bicycles, and exploring the swimming holes of nearby Consumes River became standard fare for the hot summer and snowy Sierra winter days. Now 36 and 33 respectively, this active lifestyle has continued even with a family for Brad. No longer those soda drinking, burger eating youngsters, eating healthy means being able to go on a long hike or a big bike tour on a moments notice. A healthy diet along with a slight case of family stubbornness should keep them going and looking for adventure, challenge and fun for years to come.

Where did the idea come from?


Jeff had been in Germany for about 5 years, working as a landscape architect, when he decided it was time to come home to California. But going by plane just seemed an unworthy finish to such a wonderful time abroad. So he decided to ride and sail his way across the globe over the course of almost a year. Along the way he ate peanut butter, nuts, honey and dried fruits to get energy and nutrition on the go. Looking into his panniers one day in the Ozarks of Arkansas and seeing the half-empty jars and bags of these various snacks, in a moment of frustration for the wasted space, he combined everything into a single jar. At first it didn’t have a name, just a much needed boost of energy, but later his brother and business partner Brad summed it up perfectly with the name, “Trail Butter”.



brad_and_jeff_skiingWe want to apply to Trail Butter the same philosophy that guides us in life. The product itself was inspired by one of the activities we love, cycling, something that keeps the sanity in a sometimes hectic lifestyle. Just as the goodness of Trail Butter depends on the healthiness and balance of its ingredients, life also is at its best when there is a balance between work and play. Furthermore, these 2 sides of living are the most fun when the places where we do these things, the office and out of doors, are healthy and respected. So with care towards the workplace and the environment, and a love of the West, we hope to create a product that not only is delicious but improves quality of life inside and out in the community and natural world through healthy, holistic nutrition and business practices.
– Brad & Jeff Boggess