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Jake PRR“While I typically munch on Trail Butter throughout the run or ride, I was really impressed by how well eating an entire tube just before the 40 miler set in my stomach and fueled me throughout the entire race.  I’ve never felt better at the end of a race so long. While my competitors began to fade, I felt like my legs were fresh and ready to roll. When I hit the track to finish I felt like the previous 40 miles were merely a warm up.  Trail Butter definitely played a big role in how I felt late in the race.”

– Jake Puzey, 4/24/14, following his win at the 2014 Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 miler



The Big Outside


“Backpacking for three days in Utah’s Coyote Gulch with my family and another family—including four kids age nine to 12 with very different tastes—the tube of Trail Butter I brought became an instant hit with everyone and it disappeared quickly. ”

– Michael Lanza

“Trail Butter provides for a convenient delivery of energy and nutrient-dense whole food ingredients that can supply endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with a satisfying source of long-lasting energy without the added artificial ingredients from other processed sports nutrition fuels. Personally, I use Trail Butter to curb hunger and provide fuel for my long trail runs as well as long work days as a fitness instructor and gym owner“

– Kate Fischer, MS, RD, LD, Managing Partner Edge Performance Fitness, LLC

PCT2012 402“I tried Ozark Original for lunch today and was absolutely blown away. I was expecting a variation on peanut butter, but this is to peanut butter what lobster is to hot dogs. It has a wonderfully balanced blend of nuts, seeds, fruit and chocolate. No single flavor assaults the palate, but instead it’s like tasting a good wine. You literally get an initial flavor that opens into a bouquet from which you can identify and appreciate individual components. I ate two sandwiches with just white bread and Trail Butter, then had to stop myself from going back for more. Contrast that with peanut butter, which I often have to choke down. What’s more, I can see this being a great treat for parties as well as the trail. I would put it out with a cheese, fruit, and veggie platter and see where the flavor combinations take you. Anyway, do yourself a favor and go to and order some. I’m serious, it’s that good. Go ahead and go now, I’ll wait. It’s not like anything exciting happens on here anyway. I hike to Canada – oh look, a tree, a rock – big whoop. Go on already!”- Jim Shimp, PCT through hiker Summer 2012

IMG_1429“We’re still riding high on finishing our traverse, and you’ve heard by now (from Rach and Andy) about the success of the TB component to the expedition. Andy’s pre-trip concern proved to be true: the main issue with TB was going to be the self discipline required to not eat it all at once. Luckily since we had pre-arranged and separated our food drops we HAD to pace ourselves by virtue of only having one ration’s worth of TB with us at a time. You might say that we were mildly obsessed with TB over the course of the trip. We even got some of the high country sheep station farmers to try it, with the farmer’s wife having especially positive things to say about it! (It was a little on the hippy side of the fence for the farmer himself ).” – Project 42ude Crew, New Zealand traverse Fall 2012

Trail Runner No Gel

Bogg’s was created by two outdoors-loving brothers who grew up exploring the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. They created Trail Butter to save space in their packs on long cycling trips. It’s a combination of all their favorite high-energy foods: a triple nut blend of almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts as the foundation, with dried fruit, seeds, nectar, honey and oils mixed together to make a portable, energy-dense trail snack.

Bogg’s Trail Butter is available in jars for the pantry, as well as hydration-pack-friendly, squeezable pouches with caps. It comes in three flavors: Ozark Original, Mountaineer Maple and Expedition Espresso.

– Featured in November 2013 on

Reviewed in Backpacker Magazine, Fall 2013 Gear Guide.