Heather Anderson – Endurance Adventurer

Heather grew up in Michigan and didn’t find the joy of exercise until age 20 while working a summer job at the Grand Canyon. It was love at first hike however, leading her to devote her life to pursuing her passion: self-propelled adventure in wild places. From desert to high elevation glaciers she’s run, hiked, and climbed over 18,000 miles in the last 12 years, consistently pushing her body to new limits. She believes that the best way to ensure overall health and optimal performance is to eat quality, whole foods and allow for plenty of recovery.

  • Heather, known as Anish on trails, completed her Triple Crown of Backpacking in 2006 at the age of 25.
  • She completed the 2,100 mi long Appalachian Trail in 2003.
  • The 2,600 mi long Pacific Crest Trail in 2005
  • The ~2,600 mi long Continental Divide Trail in 2006.
  • Six 100 mile races since August 2011 as well as dozens of 50k and 50 mi events.
  • Self-Supported FKT on the Appalachian Trail set in 2015: 54 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes. Only person known to hold the Self-Supported FKT on both the PCT and AT Simultaneously.
  • She is well known for setting the overall self-supported speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013 (60 days, 17 hours, 12 min), breaking the previous record by four days.
  • Third place female at HURT 100 2014
  • A variety of on and off trail adventures TBD weather dependent.
  • In addition, one to two 100 mile races. Continued progress on completing the Washington 100 highest peaks list.


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