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  • I wholeheartedly adore all forms of human powered adventure. Writing, thru-hiking, marathon swimming, mountaineering and trail running hold my heart. I completed my first thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail when I was 21 and 3.5 years later I’ve logged over 10,000 trail miles. Having had Cancer and Traumatic Brain Injury I’m determined to not let anything keep me from living life to its fullest. I’m a fierce believer in the power of positivity and pushing yourself to the absolute brink. I founded the nonprofit Sierra Mapping Project in May of 2015. The kindness and support of the trail community is unlike any I’ve ever encountered. I strive to spread as much love and happiness as I’ve found in the people and places I’ve been blessed to experience. I find myself striving to not only break limits and boundaries, but to eliminate them altogether.
  • Thru Hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012
    First person to thru-hike the San Joaquin River Trail in 2013/ First person to yo-yo the SJRT in 2014 (Over 2,000 miles on the SJRT)
    3 thru hikes of the San Diego Trans County Trail (2014,15,16)
    Thru Hike of the Continental Divide Trail in 2014
    Thru Hike of the Ouachita Trail in 2015
    Founded Sierra Mapping Project in 2015 -Mapping/GPS’ing every trail in the High Sierra All info is free for the public to download


  • Thru hike of the Great Himalaya Trail (High Route/Self-Supported) in 2016
    Hiking every single trail in the High Sierra Nevada Mountain Range for my nonprofit – Sierra Mapping Project (2015-2020)
    Circumnavigation Perimeter swim of Lake Tahoe in 2017 (74 miles) aka Tahoe 360
    Catalina Channel Crossing in 2017
    San Joaquin River Trail 50k and 50 Miler 2016
    Numerous backcountry / off-trail trips ranging from the desert to the mountains and everywhere in between – Always happening


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