Willie McBride – Ultra Adventurer, Ski Mountaineer, Writer and Coach

Willie is a ultra runner, mountaineer, writer, and founder/owner of Animal Athletics with Yassine Diboun. He grew up in the city of Chicago and loves urban grit and culture, but also needs mountains and wild, open spaces; Portland, OR has been the best combination he’s found so far and he’s happy to call it home. He continually feels fortunate for the amazing running/trail running community and all the great folks in PDX.

Career Highlights…

The Bear 100 in 2012 and Fat Dog 120 in 2013 were both big milestones for me and made me hungry for more long distance mountain running and hiking. Starting Animal Athletics 2 years ago has been a really great thing and is something that is extremely fulfilling and keeps me motivated to get out there. I began skiing more and ski touring over the past 2 years as well. I’ve fallen in love with it and am now wanting to tackle bigger objectives in those disciplines too. So much to do!

Upcoming Events…
  • much preparation (skiing, climbing, hiking, running, altitude training) for a late August attempt on the Cordillera Huayhuash circuit in Peru (~103 mile loop with 12 passes over 14,000 ft., the highest being 16,500 ft.!) with Brian Donnelly and Nick Triolo.

Favorite Trail Butter Flavor

Expedition Espresso