Yassine Diboun, Ultra Runner & Coach

Yassine Diboun is a mountain, trail, ultra runner living close to the trails with his wife and daughter in Portland, Oregon. He has made his presence felt in the ultra running world, and has been competing at a high and consistent level since 2007. Aside from competition Yassine thoroughly enjoys being outdoors, and has created his own business w/ friend Willie McBride (Animal Athletics- www.AnimalAthleticsPDX.com) that promotes such a lifestyle.

Career highlights
  • 2008 Western New York Ultra Runner of the Year
  • 2012 4th place overall in Montrail Ultra Cup Series
  • 2013 2nd place overall in Montrail Ultra Cup Series
  • 2013 9th male (10th overall) at Western States 100-miler
  • 2013 Leona Divide 50k winner and course record holder
  • TBD
  • …the rest of the year is still tentative but will definitely include some epic adventures!
  • Favorite Trail butter flavor
  • Mountaineer Maple