What is Trail Butter?

Bogg's Trail Butter is a delicious, all-natural nut-butter, designed to provide lasting energy and nutrition to outdoor enthusiasts and home consumers alike, through the use of supplemental whole- food ingredients. Using a triple nut blend of almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts as the foundation, dried fruits, seeds, nectar and honey and oils are added to create a tasty mixture fortified only with nature’s most energy packed foods.

This spread is a quick, convenient snack, which can be eaten alone or on crackers, bread, bagels, fruit, vegetables and much more. Bogg's Trail Butter comes in various sizes, from single serving pouches to larger spouted, flexible stand up pouches that won’t take up unnecessary space in backpacks and bags before and after they have been consumed. Minimizing material usage and promoting eco-friendly packaging is key to the products mission.